Ironman 70.3 in Budapest #awesome

20140822_154500 20140608_082624Hey dude,

this year Bernhard and I registered for an Ironman 70.3, which took place the first time in Budapest. We all know that we not only pay a little more for branded triathlon events like Ironman[TM] bout you also get a top organisation.

Budapest (3 hours away from Vienna) is a great city worth visiting for sight seeing, not too expensive and has wonderful old buildings directly situated at the blue Danube.

1.9 km swimming through the Danube (0:38), 90km biking along the Danube through the wonderful city passing the awesome parliament building and finally 21 km on the closed roads next to the blue Danube. The hard training paid off and so I finished with 5 hours 38 minutes.


Klaus-M. Schremser

I'm a serial-entrepreneur and triathlonatic. My passion is burning for my family, building companies and triathlon. Especially web technology, growth hacking, building teams, nurturing brand and culture are my favorite pieces of enterprises.

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