Why aren’t there any new posts

After 15 years my life at Gentics ended and I prepared for the next stage in my life (news will come soon).

Before turning 40, you have 2 possibilities to fight your mid-life-crisis: buy a red sport car or finish an Ironman. I finished my (first) Ironman Austria (in 12:40 hours) in 2015 :).

A lot of other stuff happened in the last half year. I dived deep in the Austrian startup scene and learn a lot (especially about myself :). … and I build a new experienced Founders club with my friend Florian Kandler.

Still learning a lot. But turning 40 also revealed another secret of life which I was told by Hannes Stiebitzhofer. At a certain age you can’t only expect to learn from other people, you crossed the line of knowing a lot of stuff and have also to give back.

I also learned that blogposts should be be at least 1.500 words, better 2.500 or 3.000 … but sorry, I have no time for such long blog posts :).


Hear you soon.

Klaus-M. Schremser

I'm a serial-entrepreneur and triathlonatic. My passion is burning for my family, building companies and triathlon. Especially web technology, growth hacking, building teams, nurturing brand and culture are my favorite pieces of enterprises.

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