All the knowledge is out there – BOOKS WORTH READING

After founding my company Gentics I know that I have to do something for my further education, so I bought the first books since a long time.

One of it was my all-time-favorite “Rich dad, poor dad” from Robert Kiyosaki. Maybe it was my favorite because it’s a how to become rich book without mentioning it in its title, but I know that it is my favorite because it taught me one important lesson “get (financial) literate”. This started a process of reading (or hearing -> Audible) almost 1 book per month  for the last 10 years.

Some of the audio books which I bought at Audible I hear 2 .. ,3 … ,7 times during my workouts and try to memorize as much as possible.

So recommend you some of the great books I inhaled in the last years, I added all of the to my goodreads-list and rated them. I left out some of the Z books, just to not give the impression that I’m too Zombie focused :).

Here is the list – I’m happy to hear your feedback on some of the book or recommendations on new books.

Happy Reading.

Klaus-M. Schremser

I'm a serial-entrepreneur and triathlonatic. My passion is burning for my family, building companies and triathlon. Especially web technology, growth hacking, building teams, nurturing brand and culture are my favorite pieces of enterprises.

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