my name is Klaus-M. Schremser, born some (but not too many) years ago.

3 important pillars in my life are:

  • my beloved family (my daughter Sophie & son Jakob and my beloved wife Elisabeth)
  • my passion for companies & startups (my great Enterprise CMS company Gentics, Wikidocs, Unwired, and …)
  • my endurance sports – I’m Triathlonatic


With my partners Alexander Szlezak and Haymo Meran, I founded Gentics several years ago (2000) and learned a lot about building a company with almost 40 team players and had quite some impact on the Austrian Content Management scene. Gentics was acquired by Austrian Press Agency (APA) in 2013.

For Gentics I worked as COO (Chief Operating Officer) or as “the caretaker for everything” with some web and software project knowhow and technical knowledge (although some of my colleges are denying this fact! ;). I went through every stage, and so I also was head of sales and marketing (about which I’m still enthusiastic).

Besides, I’m co-founder of Wikidocs – a startup for realtime collaborative editing of HTML which was acquired by Atlassian, an Australian software company, in 2014.

My first startup which I help in the first years, and I’m still shareholder, was Cycamp back then, a students platform in Austria, now know as the students advertising company “Media in progress”.

Some time ago I build a watersport online platform, called with my friends Leo Ochsenbauer and Nicolaus Piso which we ended in 2012 due to too much work in other projects (unfortunately) 🙁 .

Alexander Szlezak, my friend and business partner for almost half my life, already founded another startup, a cloud-based SAAS WIFI company which rocks like hell, of course I also into that one :).

In 2006 together with my good friend Leo Ochsenbauer I wrote the book “Nullzeit, Sex und Tiefenrausch“, which was and still is a best-seller in the water sport and diving area and #3000 on Amazon (and was translated into 3 other languages until now).

As I’m an absolut fan of Triathlon, I developed with my friend Clemens Prerovsky a Triathlon & Marathon training-plan online service called So I’m not running out of work :).

I studied at the University of Business Administration in Vienna and have a Mag.soc.rer.oec. degree (Austrians love complex titles ;).


This blog / website is privately held. I’m not responsible for all my misused images (sorrryy!)




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