(c) gmbhe-Mobility is the future and only electric cars can reduce the carbon dioxid emission which is produced by the traffic in the world.

So I decided to join the successful team of be.ENERGISED which is a cloud-based service for management and payment of charging infrastructure to improve their way to conquery Europe.

be.ENERGISED is the innovation leader with it’s cloud-based management- and billing solution for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

With offices in Radstadt (Salzburg) and Vienna in Austria it operates more then 5.000 charge points in the European market. It is used by many well-known enterprises throughout Europe like Swisscom, Volkswagen, E-Wald, EWE, Tiwag and Alpiq.

With be.ENERGISED Enterprise large networks of charging stations can be maintained and operated. Electric vehicle drivers can pay at the charging stations either with a subscription, per invoice or with the pay-as-you-go function using credit cards or Paypal. Even customers outside the network can charge via the roaming functions. For e-mobility providers be.ENERGISED offers charging cards and provides access to thousands of charging stations. be.ENERGISED offers the e-mobility market the innovative software components for the well needed infrastructure.

be.ENERGISED is a trademark and product of has·to·be gmbh.

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